Bjorn Tours Off Road Excursion April 19 and 20, 2003

This is really steep - trust me!

First man down the slope. First gear, low range, easy on the breaks and parking brake. Had to lock up the wheels, and slide occasionally in order to keep from going to fast. When I came down I felt like I had much bigger ones..........

Or just ask Stig.....

Stig figured that if I could do it, so could he. And he was right. He felt like he had bigger ones when he came down as well. Funny how four wheeling will make you feel that way. Must be the smell of oil, burnt clutch and holdin' on......

Or Francis!

We made it down in one piece - even though one of us engaged in Peruvian road building before he went down. No sense telling who the chicken was........the sharp eye viewer will figure it out.

This is the hill seen from the top.

Pretty steep and narrow - not much room in each side.

We had to go down and rescue a Toyota that made it down, but not back up. Coming up, Francis busted his steering. The pitman arm and a tie rod were bent.

Note the toe in on his front wheels. So we parked the truck and came back the next day to work on it.

Since he couldn't put any power to the front wheels he had to winch himself up. Remember the golden rule - you don't let out more than you need.....


Francis under winch power


It took both our trucks to hold steady as an anchoring point when winching.


Boys! Fuckin' a Johnson - I caught me a Pathfinder!!!!